If you own your home, you probably pride yourself on being able to do some of the work yourself. And while you may be more than capable of performing some repair jobs on your own, specific jobs are best left for the experts. Out of all the work you could do yourself, a sewer line repair is perhaps the most difficult and dangerous. Find out why you should avoid this repair and hire a professional for your sewer pipe repair.

No Experience

A plumber has years of experience, and that makes them more than capable of handling complicated repairs. Because sewer lines are particularly complex, fixing them requires a highly trained professional.

To safely repair a sewer line, you need to know where the underground utility lines are. You also must have knowledge of the soil conditions. With several methods of handling sewer repair, it’s equally important to know which method is best for your problem. They’ll also know whether or not you’d be better off with sewer line replacement.

Even if you’re able to make a repair to your sewer line, there’s no guarantee that it will be a lasting repair. While some materials will work for a short-term fix, they won’t last. It takes an experienced plumber to know what materials are best for the job.

No Equipment

Performing a repair on a sewer line requires equipment. If you’re not a professional plumber, you probably don’t have access to those tools. You have two options. First, you can go out and buy the tools. Secondly, you can cut corners and find a way around using the tools. But neither scenario is ideal and will leave you with trouble. The money you spend on equipment could cost more than hiring a plumber, and cutting corners could result in a shoddy fix.

When you hire a plumber from a reputable company, they have all the tools for the job. In fact, they may have access to innovative equipment that lets them resolve the issue quickly. They might also be able to handle the repair in a more effective manner, which saves you money on your current or future repairs.

Unnecessary Damage

A combination of no training and no resources leads to unnecessary damage. If you try to handle your own sewer repair, you could end up doing damage.

Even the simplest sewer repair could become challenging with one wrong move. A single mistake might result in a sewer backup in your home, or a leak in your neighbor’s backyard. Unlike regular pipes, sewer lines are filled with hazardous waste. If your repair causes damage, there’s a lot at stake.

In addition to knowing how to repair your plumbing with minimal or no damage, a plumber also has another advantage. They have insurance to protect themselves and you from paying for accidental damage. If they make a mistake, the plumber can rely on insurance to cover the cost of the damage.

No Guarantee

When you do the work yourself, your sewer line may not last for much time. The next time you have an issue, you’ll be responsible for fixing it yourself or hiring a plumber.

Working with an experienced plumber usually gets you a warranty or guarantee. If the plumber’s work fails, you can count on the warranty to remedy the problem. You don’t need to worry about paying for a repair you already paid for.

Safety Hazards

A sewer line project comes with a long list of health risks. Inside the sewer line, there is methane gas, giardia, E. coli, and much more. If you’re not cautious, you could be exposed to harmful gas and bacteria.

As you dig for sewer line repair or replacement, you could accidentally hit a natural gas line. Breathing in the gas is detrimental to your health, but there are other risks that come with hitting a gas line. Your error could cause a fire or an explosion. As a result, your DIY repair could cost you your home.

Costs More

Although many people attempt DIY repairs in efforts to save money, their efforts could cost them more than a professional repair.

There are several reasons for this. First, you could misdiagnose the problem. If you don’t repair the right issue or don’t fix it with the right method, your work will be for nothing. You’ll need to spend more money and waste more time trying to fix your sewer line.

Your lack of experience and tools will also cost you. If you need to rent or buy equipment, the cost adds up. Furthermore, you might not know the most efficient way to do your repair. Instead of fixing your sewer line in a few hours, it could take days and cost you money in unnecessary tools or materials.

On the other hand, a professional has access to affordable materials. They also have the tools for the job and the experience to fix things properly the first time around.

Fail to Meet Code

A sewer line project needs to be up to code. If you do your work according to regulations, you need a permit and an inspection before you can get started.

The permit process is more difficult than you might imagine. One small mistake in your permit paperwork could hold up your project for weeks. And if you don’t have experience with submitting permits, you have a good chance of making a mistake.

Some homeowners don’t apply for a permit. Unfortunately, this is a costly error. When the city finds out about your project, you’ll need to pay more for the permit. You’ll also need to pass an inspection and pay a plumber to repair anything that doesn’t comply with the inspection. A licensed plumber will know how to get you a permit and comply with all code requirements.

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