One of the most common household issues is a drain clog. Despite being so prevalent, professional drain cleaning is one of the most overlooked services among homeowners. People tend to ignore clogs or to deal with them on their own. However, there’s significant value in using a professional drain cleaner to clear blockages from your plumbing. Find out more about the reasons to use a professional for your drain cleaning needs in McHenry. 

Clogs are Always an Issue

Some household issues are avoidable. For instance, you can prevent sediment from accumulating in your water heater by regularly flushing it. You might be able to keep your garbage disposal working well by being cautious about what goes into it. However, your drains aren’t as easy to protect. 

No matter how cautious you are about what goes down your drains, you could develop a clog. Do you wash your hands with soap or shower with shampoo? If so, soap goes into your plumbing. Soap scum builds up and collects debris, causing blockages.

In your kitchen, there are other issues. As food scraps or grease accidentally wash down your drain, they cause clogs. Grease and fat harden when they cool, making it difficult for water to flow down your pipes. If you don’t have a reliable drain cleaning service near me, you’re bound to have problems with your plumbing. 

DIY Methods are Ineffective

Although you might be aware of the clogs forming in your plumbing, you could try to handle matters independently. After all, you handle most of the small household maintenance needs, so where’s the harm in DIY drain cleaning?

This is a mistake most homeowners make. To save money, they opt for DIY methods of drain cleaning. They use store-bought drain cleaning products or natural solutions to clean their drains.

While store-bought chemical cleaners may remove small clogs, they’ll also strip your pipes. The harsh chemical ingredients in the cleaners make them corrosive and harmful to your plumbing. If you use the products continuously, you may need to replace your plumbing long before it was due for a replacement.

Improper use of a drain cleaner isn’t only hazardous to your pipes – it’s harmful to your health. A child could accidentally ingest it, or you could injure yourself by using it the wrong way. 

Some Clogs are Deep in Your Plumbing

You have no control over where clogs forming your plumbing. While they might form right near your drain, clogs could also be 10 feet or more into your plumbing system. If you choose to handle drain cleaning on your own, you may not be able to reach the clog. 

Traditional drain snakes only go so far and are difficult to control. If you’re not a professional with the right tools, you probably won’t be able to access the blockage. In fact, you could damage old pipes while trying to navigate with a drain snake. 

To help identify the location of a clog, a professional uses a video inspection. They snake a camera down your drain and identify the issues. Then, they can determine the best way to remove the clogs. 

You Can’t Match the Benefits of Working with a Professional Drain Cleaner

When you use an expert for your drain cleaning, you reap the following benefits:

Save Money on Tools and Products

If you plan on handling your drain cleaning alone, you need to invest in drain cleaners or a drain snake. Getting the equipment costs money and may not even resolve your troubles. But a plumber brings their own tools, which saves you money.

They Have the Best Tools for the Job

More importantly, professionals have the proper tools for drain cleaning. They have commercial drain snakes, hydrojetting equipment, and video cameras. After they find the clog, the plumber can use the best tool for the job. This improves your results and leaves you clog-free. 

One of the most effective methods of clog removal is hydrojetting. Unless you work with a professional, you won’t be able to use this method to clean your plumbing. It involves spraying high-pressure water through your drain. As the water flows, it moves gunk and debris from the walls of your pipes. 

Save Time

Do you want to spend your weekend dealing with stubborn clogs or doing what you enjoy? If you don’t like the idea of wasting your free time on your plumbing, you can have a plumber handle the job.

Save Money on Repairs

If you don’t prevent or address clogs, you might only be weeks away from a costly repair. At first, a small clog is just an inconvenience. But as the clog gets larger and stops the flow of water, there’s a chance your pipe could leak or burst.

In some cases, the clog comes from tree roots growing into your pipes. This is almost sure to lead to a major leak, and you could end up needing a sewer line replacement. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, you can take a more proactive approach and have your plumber identify and remove the clog. 

By cleaning your drains, you may be able to escape the need for a costly repair. This preventative measure might not seem like much but could save you thousands of dollars. 

Prevent Water Damage

If you leave your clog untreated and end up with a leak, you don’t only need to deal with the cost of a significant repair. You also have the water damage to deal with. In many cases, water damage results in warped wood, mold growth, and much more. 

A plumber can eliminate clogs before they cause water damage. There’s less mess, less of a headache, and less money to spend.

Do You Need a Professional Drain Cleaner?

When is the last time you hired a drain cleaning service near me? If you’ve never hired one or can’t remember when you had your drains cleaned, it’s time to call a plumber in McHenry. 

The next time you need a professional drain cleaner, give us a call at J. Blanton Plumbing. We’re ready to give you all the benefits of professional drain cleaning.