If it weren’t for your sewer line, life would be a lot more complicated. Your sewer line travels under your home and takes wastewater to the main line or the septic tank. Without a sewer line, you’d be responsible for handling your home’s sewage. If you have a problem with your sewer line backing up, you understand how important your plumbing is. Find out why your sewer line is backing up and learn when to call for sewer repair.

Tree Roots are Invading

Although you might love looking at the beautiful oak tree on your front lawn, that tree could be the cause of your sewer line backup. Tree roots have been known to grow into sewer lines and wreak havoc.

There’s a good reason for this. As tree roots spread, they move towards sources of fertilization and water. For that reason, they grow towards sewer lines. 

This isn’t something that occurs all at once. Rather, the roots gravitate to your pipes over time. They wrap around your pipes and, eventually, break through them. Although some water can travel through the pipes and past the roots, the pipes are obstructed enough to slow down your water. Your drains may seem slow, or they could be backing up.

Unless you get rid of the roots and fix your pipes, your plumbing will be at risk. If you call a plumber, they will be able to break up the roots and clear a path for your water. Depending on the tree and the position of the roots, you may need to remove the tree. Before you do anything, speak to your plumber. They’ll assess the damage and will come up with a solution. Sewer pipe repair is your key to functional plumbing.

Your Clog is Deep in Your Lines

Usually, the first step a property owner takes when they find a clog is to grab the drain cleaner. But pouring toxic chemicals down the drain is often ineffective. It could even cause damage to pipes. Other DIY methods, like drain augers, might just push your clog further down the line.

If you have a clog that won’t seem to go away, it may be deep in your pipes. As a result, it could make your sewer line backup. Your frequent backups are a sign that you have a clog somewhere in your sewer line. 

Cleaning out part of your system isn’t enough to remove sewer clogs. To fix the issue, you need to access the sewer lines. This isn’t a DIY project, and some plumbers may not even be qualified to remove your blockage. If they try to go into your pipes without a visual, the plumber could miss the clog or cause damage. You should only trust a reliable plumbing company to remove your blockage. With the right tools, they can take on the job. 

There’s Fat, Oil, and Grease in Your Plumbing

You might not think anything of dumping some food down your drain. However, there are several things that should never go down your pipes. Fat, oils, and grease collect in your pipes and forms large clogs. When you pour a little bacon grease or hot oil down your drain, you could be contributing to your bad pipes. 

When grease and other liquids cool down, they harden. They trap other particles and eventually stop up your drains. If you don’t remove the clog, you may experience frequent sewer line backups. The problem will persist until you remove the clog.

Getting rid of the clog requires some effort. DIY methods won’t work, but hydrojetting might move your clog. When you hire an expert, they can use a hose to power through the sewer system. As the water blasts through your pipes, it removes debris. 

What Should You Do When Your Sewer Line Backs Up?

When your sewer line backs up, you should act quickly. An issue with your sewer line is hazardous to your health. For one, you could have feces and other fluids backing up in your sink and bathtub. If you don’t immediately clean those surfaces, you could be exposed to bacteria. 

Another risk comes in the form of toxic gas. If there’s a break in your sewer line, toxic gas can escape. This could result in harm to you or your family.

To prevent harm, you should act quickly. When your sewer line backs up, call a plumber. But before you do, it’s important to find someone you can trust. Look for a company has all of the following traits:

Good Reputation

When you need sewer pipe repair, you have a lot at stake. A botched job puts you in danger and creates a major headache. It’s important to find a company that has a reputation for doing the job right the first time around. That means working with a company that has a history of satisfying customers. 

The Right Tools

If your plumber doesn’t have the right tools to handle your sewer issues, you’re in for trouble. While some plumbers use the bare minimum to get the job done, you need a company that has the latest technology. 

Before you hire someone, ask them about their tools of the trade. If they don’t do camera inspections or hydrojetting, you should think twice about hiring them. They may not be able to handle your repair. 

Emergency Services

When your sewer line backs up, time is of the essence. You shouldn’t have to wait to have someone come out and inspect your plumbing. To get the fastest service, work with a company that offers emergency services. 

It’s also important to find out how much a company charges for emergency services. When you call, ask about their rates. 

Who Should You Work with J. Blanton Plumbing for Sewer Repair?

The next time your sewer backs up, have a plan of action. Instead of scrambling to find a plumber, you should call us at J. Blanton Plumbing. We’re experienced with sewer repair and other major plumbing issues. Contact us to learn more about our services.