Although everyone needs plumbing assistance at some point in their life, you probably don’t have your plumber in Chicago on speed dial. In fact, you may have never worked with a local plumbing company. Rather than not have any expectations from your experience, you should know what the standards are. If the company doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s time to find a new plumber. 

Quality Products

While some repairs only require some elbow grease and plumbing tape, others need replacement parts or new part installations. In either case, the quality matters. A poorly made part won’t withstand the abuse your plumbing system gets.

When you’re thinking about hiring a plumber, consider their part selection. Do they use quality parts, or just pick the cheapest things they can find? Don’t make the mistake of thinking the most expensive companies use the best parts, or that affordable companies only use low-quality parts. You need to directly ask a company about their parts and read customer reviews. 

Great Service Every Step of the Way

You deserve to work with a company that provides excellent service across the board. However, not all companies do this. Some start off on the right foot, only to drop the ball with shoddy workmanship or follow-ups. 

From the time you schedule an appointment to long after the repair, your plumbing company should deliver excellent service. If you’re not happy at any point, it’s prudent to start looking for a new company. 

Customer Satisfaction

For some companies, a job well-done is a job that’s finished to their liking. But it’s not what they want that matters; it’s about what you want. With so many licensed plumbers in Chicago, you can take the time to pick one that cares about customer satisfaction. 

To find out more about a company’s dedication to you, read their online reviews and testimonials. Find out if they have any warranties on their work, because this lets you know the company stands behind what they do. 

Up-Front Pricing

While no company can guarantee a perfect estimate every time, some are more accurate than others. In fact, certain businesses are downright deceptive and offer estimates that vary greatly from the actual cost.

Before you allow a plumber to begin any job, ask for an estimate. Ask about hidden fees that might not be included in the estimate. If you know someone who used the company before, ask them if their estimate was fair and accurate. You don’t want a high charge for emergency services to leave your bank account empty or your credit card maxed out. 


Although you may be able to find a handyman to tackle your plumbing repair, you’re better off hiring a licensed professional. Only a certified plumber has the proper training and experience necessary for a complete repair. If someone without the right credentials works on your plumbing, they could do more harm than good.

Most companies list their credentials on their websites, but you can always call them and ask. Typically, you can look up state or city licenses on a database to verify the numbers. Keep in mind that a business license isn’t the same thing as a plumbing license. 

When it comes to your plumbing, you need someone who knows what they’re doing. There’s a lot at stake; a botched repair could cause water damage, a sewer leak, or other significant issues. If your work involves permitting, you need a plumber who knows all about the permit process. The only way to guarantee you hire someone with the right knowledge is to choose a licensed company. 


You should always expect your plumbing company to have insurance. If you allow an uninsured individual or company to work on your plumbing, there are a few issues. First, they could experience an injury on-the-job. Without insurance, the worker is able to come after the homeowner for expenses. In addition to paying for the plumbing repair, you may be on the hook for medical bills.

There’s also the issue of property damage. If a plumber makes a mistake and causes damage to your home, you can seek compensation from their insurance policy. However, an uninsured company could get away without paying for the damage. Hiring an insured company protects you from these expenses.

Variety of Services

It’s only fair to expect your plumbing company to handle a variety of plumbing issues. For example, you never know when you need a plumber to offer emergency services. They should offer 24/7 emergency services as well as regular service calls. 

Other services are more specific. If you have a clog in your drain, you need a plumber who performs drain cleaning. But a lack of hot water can only be fixed by a plumber who works on water heaters. Typically, plumbers list their services on their website. You can call for more details or ask about specifics, like whether or not they work on tankless water heaters. 

Good Communication

By working with a company that has good communication, you can have a positive experience. The company should let you know when they can send someone out to you and remain in contact if there are any issues before your service call. If the company gives you a wide window, the plumber should call you when they’re on their way to you.

When the plumber arrives, the communication should continue. It’s up to the plumber to tell you more about your issue and how they plan to fix it. After the job is done, the plumber should answer all of your questions band explain any important information to you. A lapse in communication could leave you confused and your plumbing in need of help. 

Prevent Disappointment By Picking the Right Plumber in Chicago

By the time you realize your plumbing company doesn’t meet your expectations, it could be too late. You might have an improper repair or a missed service call.

Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by calling the right plumber in Chicago for the job. Here at J. Blanton Plumbing, we strive to surpass your expectations. To learn more, call us today.