Out of all the potential plumbing issues you could have, sewer pipe trouble is one of the most serious. It’s crucial to understand the importance of sewer pipe repair and call an expert at the first sign of trouble.

Why Sewer Pipe Repair Matters

When sewer pipe issues arise, a lot can go wrong. For that reason, it’s essential to call an Evanston plumber at the first sign of trouble. If you’re not convinced that you need to repair your sewer pipe, find out the reasons why repairing your sewer pipe matters:

1. Sewer Pipes Serve a Unique Purpose

While most of the pipes in your plumbing system transport water, your sewer pipes transport waste. They take wastewater from residential and commercial properties to treatment facilities.

The contents of your sewer are what make repairs so necessary. If there’s a blockage in your line, people could be exposed to the toxic gas that builds up in your sewer line. They’re also exposed to the unsanitary material that travels through the pipes.

2. The Sewer Line Deteriorates Over Time

As time passes, the sewer line needs maintenance. All of the material that passes through your toilet goes into the sewer line. That includes toys, baby wipes, and sometimes clothes. Over time, debris accumulates in your pipes and can cause a clog in your sewer line.

Even if you’re cautious, clogs can occur. Tree roots sometimes grow into your pipes, causing your pipes to leak and collapse. If you don’t get your sewer line picked, you’ll experience serious issues.

As your sewer line ages, it becomes increasingly important to care for it. You need a reputable plumber to inspect and maintain your system.

 3. Comply with Requirements

Because sewer lines contain hazardous materials, most counties have specific requirements when it comes to repairing the lines. You need to have permits to begin work, and you may need a special license to get started on the project.

For this reason, repairing a sewer line is not a DIY job. Although you may do the repair properly, you could receive a fine for failing to get a permit or do things the right way. Eventually, your DIY repair will come back to haunt you.

You can’t let your sewer line sit in disrepair, or you risk being non-compliant. It’s important to call an Evanston plumber as soon as possible.

 4. Sewer Line Replacement is a Necessity

Depending on the age of your sewer line, you might need a replacement. The pipes don’t last forever, and a replacement is inevitable.

Your plumber could use one of several techniques to replace your pipes. One common method is pipe bursting. When this is the method of choice, a plumber places a new ABS or PVC pipe in an older pipe. Then, an expander head breaks apart the older pipe.

5. You Need Your Bathroom

Sewer line Repair is also crucial for your comfort. Have you ever lived without a bathroom? If so, you’re probably willing to admit how uncomfortable it is. You need your bathroom, and may even end up staying in a hotel or friend’s house because you don’t have a functional bathroom.

The longer you wait to repair your sewer line, the worse the situation will become. Instead of living in discomfort, call an emergency plumber and have them fix the issue.

6. Time is of the Essence

With most plumbing problems, situations worsen over time. For instance, tree roots in a pipe might just slow the flow of water. But as time passes, the roots will completely block the water flow.

By waiting too long to repair your line, you’re taking a risk. You may end up with a much more expensive repair than you would have if you immediately treated the problem.

7. Your Health Matters

Most importantly, your health matters. If sewage is backed up in your pipes, it poses a health risk. You or your family could become ill from the toxic gas.

Rather than wait around for someone to get sick, you can repair your sewer line. It’s the only way to guarantee the safety of your household.

Do You Need Sewer Line Repair?

Now that you know the importance of sewer line repair, you should be on the lookout for signs of trouble. If you notice any of the following issues, call a plumber:

Water in Your Yard

If there’s a pile of water in your yard and no obvious reason for it, you may have a break in the sewer line. Below the surface of your lawn, there could be a burst pipe.

Foul Smell

That putrid smell coming from your bathroom may not be something you should ignore. At times, a clogged sewer line causes a bad odor. The only way to eliminate the odor is to remove the clog. Unfortunately, a plunger or chemical cleaners won’t get the job done. If there’s a clog deep in your line, you need a professional plumber to handle the repair.

Backed Up Sinks or Tubs

If you have sewage backing up into your bathtub or sink, you have an issue with your sewage line. This isn’t normal, and it is dangerous.

Mold Growth

Another sign of a sewer line problem is mold growth. Although there are many possible causes of mold growth, one possibility is a leaking or burst sewer line. Mold needs moisture to grow, and that moisture could come from a leak in your sewer line.

Typically, this is an issue in older homes. Your pipes could be leaking, which comes with multiple consequences. There are health risks from the mold, as well as health risks with the sewer line leak.

Calling Us for Sewer Pipe Repair

There are many benefits to sewer line repair. When you work with us at J. Blanton Plumbing, you can reap all of those benefits. We understand the importance of sewer line repair and do our best to give you a quick and reliable repair. To learn more about what we can do, give us a call today.