Ah, the humble commode! It’s the centerpiece of your bathroom, and the plumbing fixture we’re willing to bet you use every single day. But is it operating at peak efficiency? Is it time to give up that beloved old model for a spanking new one?

When it comes to toilets, many homeowners aren’t sure when the right time is to upgrade or replace their old unit. In fact, some even assume that you’re stuck with what you get when you move into a home.

In fact, your toilet is one fixture that’s probably more than ready for an upgrade. But what problems are significant enough to warrant a full fixture replacement, rather than repair?

In other words: When it comes to your toilet, how old is TOO old? Here are some warning signs:

1. Your Toilet Frequently Gets Clogged

Sure, maybe you’re used to your toilet clogging up or overflowing. While we’re sure you know how to handle that situation like a pro, there comes a time when you have to start asking yourself some important questions.

  • Do you frequently have to dismantle your toilet to reach system-stopping clogs?
  • Are you plunging your toilet multiple times on a weekly basis, just for simple flushes?
  • Does your toilet run constantly, despite your efforts to fix your handle or take care of your flapper and flush mechanism?

In all of these cases, it is likely that it’s time to replace substantial parts of your toilet, if not the entire system. Call in a plumbing expert to see what the case is for you, and to see what exactly needs to be replaced.

2. Your Toilet has Cracks and Leaks

If you see any cracks in the bowl, base, or tank, its probably time to invest in a new toilet.

While a little leak here and there may not seem like a big deal, even the smallest leak can lead to water damage on the surrounding floor.  Additionally, these cracks deepen over time, and could easily break – you certainly don’t want it to result in flooding or ruined floors.

Keep a close eye on your toilet, regularly survey the areas around it for wet spots or water damage, and be sure to regularly care for your caulk and sealant.

3. You’re Constantly Repairing Your Toilet

You’ve fixed the stopper. And the handle. And you’ve even taken care to monitor, and even repair, your home’s pipes. And yet…

While you may have done a good job keeping things in check, if you’re frequently making changes OR you’ve started replacing your own replacement parts, its probably time to just take the plunge and invest in a new toilet.

It is around this time that the cost of the repairs start adding up, and become a greater cost than simply getting a new toilet.

4.  It’s Just Plain Old

If you know your toilet has never been replaced or updated, you may want to consider investing in a newer unit. And we’ve got some great news! Newer units are sleek, stylish, and customizable, and you have more options available as a consumer than ever before.

And even better? A new toilet is more likely to save you money in the long run; most modern toilets are significantly greener than their old counterparts (particularly those manufactured before 1992), and offer extremely green low flow flushing and even new features, like dual-flush mechanisms.

Having a problem with your toilet?  Need repairs, or a new toilet installed?  Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!