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When you need shower repair, you need it done as soon as possible. The bathroom is one room in your home you can’t go a day without so call the fast, reliable professionals at J. Blanton Plumbing when you need to have your tub or shower serviced.

A shower or tub that leaks can cause damage to your walls and flooring. A visible leak could also indicate a leak you can’t see, leaving water damage behind your walls or in subflooring. A leak can spring up in the shower head, the faucet or in the tub itself. No matter where the water is escaping, it’s not something to put off repairing.

Cracks in the surface of your bathtub or shower floor can occur over time and should be repaired before they get larger. Cracks can lead to mold growth, which is dangerous to your health, not to mention unpleasant to see. It’s also a common cause for injuries related to bathtime slips and falls. Keep your family safe by repairing cracks before they get worse.

Learn more about our No Drip Club membership when you call for a repair appointment. For one reasonable fee, you can have annual service on your home’s plumbing system that can reduce your need for repair work.

When you need fast, reliable shower and tub repair in the Chicago area, call J. Blanton Plumbing at (773) 724-9272.

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When you call J. Blanton, you’re getting plumbers that have been in business for three generations, so you can expect the best. Our trained professionals know how to repair showers and tubs quickly and correctly so you can get back to your daily routine with minimal interruption.