In today’s digital world, it seems like we have more options to do more things than ever before. Case in point? While going to the bathroom or taking a shower used to be simple affairs, now there are a whole mess of apps and gadgets designed to make the process greener, faster, or just more plugged-in.

Is this move toward more technology a good or a bad thing? Ultimately, that comes down to you to decide. But the fact remains that developers and inventors are going to keep pushing our bathrooms into the future. As a matter of fact, digital “smart” showers may just be one of the next big things in the tech world.

Are these innovative showers actually going to make life easier, or are they just a load of hot steam? Here are three futuristic showers to watch out for in the months ahead:


A big goal of the smart home movement – and the smart shower trend, especially – is greener living. The EvaDrop system places a particular emphasis on conserving water and cutting back on waste.

The most appealing aspect to the EvaDrop, perhaps, is how easy it is to install; the unit simply slides into place between your shower head and the wall pipe. Once in place, you can program the unit to know your ideal water temperature. Turn on the shower and let the water warm up; once your perfect temperature is reached, the EvaDrop cuts off the flow but maintains the temperature, helping make sure you get exactly the shower experience you want without any waste.

Even better, the EvaDrop includes a sophisticated sensor that automatically adjusts water flow based on your distance from the showerhead, and the included app allows users to control their experience, monitor their usage, and even set shower “goals.”

The EvaDrop is currently available for preorder for $199.

Hydrao Smart Shower

Born in France and available in the United States for the first time, the Hydrao doesn’t just make showering digital – it turns it into an ecologically friendly game!

Using a series of built-in LED lights, the Hydrao helps bathers monitor and cut off their water consumption; as you shower, the lights that shine from the shower head will change color, alerting you to how much water you’ve used – at five gallons, seven gallons, and ten gallons, for insance. Using the included app, you can preset and customize your water thresholds and track usage trends, helping you get a firmer grasp on how your whole family can better put water to use.

Even better? The Hydrao system is ready to go out of the box, doesn’t require batteries, and is one of the cheapest smart shower systems on the market at $99.

U Smart Shower System

Moen’s U Shower was one of the biggest splashes at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, a showcase for emerging technology that takes over Las Vegas every January. While the EvaDrop and its ilk are focused on greener living, the U Shower is a little more about comfort.

Completely digital and WiFi enabled, the U allows users to preheat their shower remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Using that app, or the system’s digital control panel, homeowners can also create up to 12 settings presets for up to four connections, such as a chilly post-run shower setting, or a warmer setting for cold Chicago nights. Pinpoint accuracy is encouraged, and users can set their temperature exactly to their specifications between 60 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The drawbacks? As Verge points out, the system may be susceptible to hacking, which could lead to some pretty uncomfortable morning showers. More practically speaking, it may be hard for a lot of people to justify the price tag: According to Verge, the U starts at $1,160 for a two-outlet system, leaping up to $2,200 for four outlets, with additional installation fees required on top. Is your comfort worth the price tag? That’s really up to you!

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