Hot water isn’t really a modern-day convenience. In the late 1800s, someone invented the first automatic tank heater. Before that, people used various methods of heating up their water. Today, we take for granted how easy it is to obtain hot water. But that’s not to say that water heaters are perfect. If you have a traditional tank heater, you probably have a few complaints. You can resolve most of those complaints by installing a tankless water heater. Learn more about the reasons to switch to a tankless water heater, and find out who to call for installation or emergency water heater repair in McHenry.


Regain Space

The tank on a traditional water heater takes up a significant amount of space. Although you probably don’t even notice it in your garage or basement, your water heater uses up significant space. Without it, you would have more room for storage or other purposes.


As the name indicates, a tankless water heater doesn’t use a tank to hold water. While a traditional heater holds gallons of water and keeps it warm, a tankless system heats up water as you go. The lack of water storage means a tankless heater takes up very little space. Usually, tankless heaters are ⅕ the size of tank heaters. 


The way in which tankless heaters are mounted also allows them to take up less space. Because you can mount your tankless heater to the wall, it doesn’t need to take up any floor space. You have more control over how you use your space.


Conserve Water

If you want to do your part for the environment, you should consider making the switch to a tankless heater. They’re more environmentally-friendly than traditional heaters. When you have a tank heater, you might need to leave your tap open for a full minute to get hot water. But a tankless heater heats water instantly. As soon as you open the hot water tap, the heating elements get to work.


When homeowners need to wait for hot water, they waste gallons of water each day. This takes a toll on the environment, and is unnecessary. You can do your part to conserve water by using a tankless heater. 


Save Money

In a competition of energy-efficiency, tankless water heaters are the winner. On average, tankless heaters are between 24 and 34% more energy-efficient than tank heaters. And the more water your household uses, the more energy-efficient a tankless system could be.


For all the energy wasted on a traditional water heater, you spend money. A traditional heater always heats up the water, regardless of how much hot water you need. But a tankless heater takes a more conservative approach. It only heats up water when you need it. As a result, your energy bill will be lower every month. On the months you use less hot water, you get even more savings.


Because tankless heaters allow you to conserve water, they save you money on your water bill. The energy and water savings can help pay for the cost of your new water heater.


More Comfort

There’s nothing like a cold shower to start your day off on the wrong foot. Unfortunately, that’s what could happen every day if you have a tank style water heater. If you have multiple people in your home, there might not be enough hot water to give everyone a hot shower. 


Thanks to the water-on-demand design of tankless heaters, they don’t run out of water. If you get the right water heater for your home, everyone can enjoy the comfort of a hot shower. 



If you have a tank heater and a large household, you could be in for a struggle. You need to carefully time the use of your dishwasher, washing machine, and shower. Unfortunately, it may be impossible to do more than one task with hot water at a time. 


You might be able to survive this way, but it’s not convenient. A tankless heater can get you all the hot water you want, which makes your life much easier.


Longer Lifespan

If you have a traditional water heater, you can expect it to last for approximately ten years. Despite your efforts to maintain it and treat it well, your water heater is unlikely to last much longer than that. For an appliance that really lasts, you need a tankless water heater.


On average, tankless water heaters last for 20 years. They’re not constantly in use, like traditional water heaters. As you might expect, less use means a longer lifespan.


The lack of mineral build-up also contributes to this lengthier lifespan. In a tank heater, water sits in the tank and minerals accumulate. Over time, the minerals harden and make the system work harder to heat water. Due to the fact that a tankless heater is always moving the water, it doesn’t have as much mineral build-up.


Less Maintenance

If you want your tank heater to work well, you need to give it frequent regular maintenance. Every so often, you should drain, scrub, and flush the tank. It’s unavoidable, as the bottom of the tank accumulates sediment. By ignoring the sunbelt build-up, you increase your chance of needing a water heater repair service.


For less work, you should consider using a tankless water heater. You can descale the system on your own with undiluted white vinegar. As long as you don’t use harsh chemicals on your tankless water heater and you take care of it, you can keep your hot water flowing through the years. 


Are You Ready for a Tankless Hot Water Heater?

It’s obvious that there are many reasons to make the switch to a tankless water heater. In its ability to deliver hot water on demand, a tankless system can benefit everyone in your household. 


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