There are a few rivalries that will just roil up debate until the end of time: Beatles vs. Stones. Chocolate vs. Vanilla. Pedestal vs. Vanity.

While that last one might seem a little trivial, we’ve seen the great sink debate tear entire households apart. Should you go for a pedestal sink or a vanity in that bathroom? We’re here to help you make that call!

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that one type of bathroom sink isn’t inherently or objectively better than the other. It all comes down to your personal taste and what matters most to you when it comes to your Chicago bathroom.

Let’s break down the differences between pedestal sinks and vanities – their pros, their cons, and how they’ll fit into your home:

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks look like one continuous unit, stretching up from your floor and ending in a basin. Pedestal sinks are timeless and always in style; they’re easy to keep clean, and you can find both units that that feel like vintage relics from the art deco era, or cutting edge appliances teleported in from the future. Because of this wide variety of styles, it’s also fairly easy to coordinate a pedestal sink with a toilet for a unified décor sense.

Whether sleek and modern or rustic and charming, the big advantage of a pedestal sink is that it frees up floor space in your bathroom, opening up the feel of the entire area. On the other hand, this openness is also the pedestal sink’s greatest drawback: It offers no additional storage at all, and often very little counterspace.

Before you install a pedestal sink, think if you can make it work. Is your floor attractive and clean enough to show off? And do you need a lot of storage space? If so, can you find it in parts of your bathroom other than under-the-sink, perhaps with a separate chest of drawers, in wall-mounted cabinets, or via an over-the-sink shelf?

Vanity Sinks

Think of a vanity as a cabinet with a sink mounted in the middle, and you get why it can be so appealing to homeowners: The right vanity offers plenty of concealed storage as well as ample countertop space, helping you cut through the clutter and store away cleaning supplies, toilet paper, beauty products, and more.

Vanity sinks also give you a greater choice when it comes to sink mounts; whereas pedestal sinks are hamstrung by their designs, a vanity could feature an undermount sink, a vessel sink, a drop-in sink, or even an apron-front.

The cons? Vanity sinks can be significantly bulkier than their pedestal counterparts, making that small bathroom feel even more cramped. And while all that storage space may seem like a blessing, it can quickly become a curse if you don’t keep the area neat and organized.

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