Our passion here at J. Blanton is plumbing, which means we’ve always taken a shine to bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. Wherever there’s a fixture or an appliance in need of some TLC, you’ll find us.

Our fascination with plumbing and bathrooms puts us in good company; in fact, plumbing has been the cornerstone of tons of movies, books, and TV shows over the years. Some of the greatest scenes in movie history have been set in and around bathrooms, and plenty of ambitious set designers have worked up some rooms that would put most interior décor experts to shame.

From the fantastical to the mundane, here are three fictional bathrooms that we’ve always loved:

1.) Hogwarts Bathrooms in Harry Potter

We’re willing to bet your high school didn’t have restrooms that compare to the loos and water closets that Harry, Ron, and Hermione use in the Harry Potter series of books and movies.

For one thing, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that your school bathroom never had a troll problem. No? What about a wailing, miserable ghost who lives in a toilet? Or how about a giant, soapy swimming pool, perfect for hearing mermaids singing?

Man. We wish we were wizards. Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways that using your bathroom can feel like magic; smart showers, for example, offer a level of customization an array of features that would leave even Dumbledore smiling.

2.) The Many Bathrooms of Game of Thrones

How does indoor plumbing work in Westeros? We’ve spent many a Sunday night asking ourselves that exact question during one of Game of Thrones’ many bathroom-set scenes.

For the kings, queens, and soldiers of this fantasy epic, adapted from the novels of George R.R. Martin, bathrooms – which typically come complete with standing tubs, giant showers, and gleaming, glittering tilework – are sites of murder, betrayal, seduction, and wheeling and dealing. A few (VERY spoilerific) highlights can be found here and here. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you about those spoilers!)

And for the Chicago homeowner who wants a touch of Thrones every time they go, there’s a good news: The Iron Throne has crossed over to our world, and, of course, it’s a toilet.

3.) The Gallagher Family Bathroom, Shameless

Unlike the other bathrooms on this list, this one is situated right here in Chicago, in the home of the lovable Gallagher family, the central characters of Showtime’s Shameless. Currently in production on its eighth season, Shameless follows the ins and outs of this working class Chicago family, led by its intensely dysfunctional patriarch Frank, played to perfection by William H. Macy.

What’s the one place that unites every member of this wild family? The bathroom, of course! That’s why it’s the setting for the show’s main credits. More than anything, this little sequence does an amazing job of highlighting just how important a functional bathroom is to keeping a Chicago house in running shape; we also love all of the little, homey details that make this bathroom feel authentic – extra points to the production designer for all those toys, the cluttered countertops, and that sweet pedestal sink.

What’s your favorite fictional bathroom? We’d love to hear from you on Facebook! And for service today for your real world bathroom needs, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! Our team is here and ready to help, day or night.