Finding the happy medium when it comes to water pressure in your home is a very common necessity for most people. Low water pressure makes showering miserable, but you certainly don’t want it too high either. While high water pressure may be uncomfortable, it’s not good for your plumbing and home appliances either.

Consistently high water pressure can cause appliance failures and damaging pipe leaks. The stress this puts on your plumbing system should not be ignored. That’s why we’ve put together  5 signs to identify when you have damagingly high water pressure:

  1. Water coming out of your faucet at an excessive pressure – “spitting”
  2. Leaking faucets
  3. If you hear a “water hammer” – banging noises in the pipes
  4. Shortened life span on appliances – water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers
  5. Toilets running frequently without being recently used

Most residential homes aren’t built to withstand a psi over 80 when it comes to water pressure, so if you see any of the above signs of high water pressure, it’s probably time to evaluate the current state of your plumbing system’s water pressure.

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