How To Temporarily Patch A Leaky Pipe While You Wait For A Professional

Discovering a leaky pipe somewhere within your home is inconvenient no matter what time of year it is, but it’s especially a nuisance during the holidays when you’re hosting friends and family. Because life doesn’t stop to give you a break when these unfortunate incidents happen, sometimes you need to find a way to make it work until a professional can come and properly remedy the issue.

Temporarily Fix Your Leaky Pipes Courtesy of J. Blanton

Thankfully, J. Blanton is here to help you figure out a way to do that so that your holiday isn’t in jeopardy! Here are a few ways you can temporarily patch a leak so that you can continue to use your plumbing system after you’ve temporarily shut off your water:

1. Apply A Water Pipe Epoxy

Using a compound like this is a pretty common temporary solution after spotting a pipe leakage. This specific fix is especially conducive for cast iron piping, but overall a compound like this one is great for holding things together until you can get a plumber to permanently fix the problem.

2. Use Pipe Wraps

This solution is easily accessible for most people because most local hardware stores sell this product for this exact situation. Much like an epoxy, pipe wraps will harden to patch a hole or leak once it’s properly put into place. It’s also good to know that pipe wraps can be used anywhere along your piping system, and isn’t specifically meant for a particular kind of leak.

3. Take Advantage of Pipe Clamps

This is one of the most frequently recommended temporary and quick fixes after finding a pipe leak. These clamps are often utilized in commercial environments, so you can trust that it will keep the pipe intact until a professional technician can correctly fix the problem in a more permanent manner.

4. Utilize Rubber Pipe Connectors

This remedy is best for leaks that occur around joints or in the middle of water piping. While this solution will do the job of sealing a leak so that you can use your home’s appliances like you normally would, it’s a little more difficult for the average person to apply, so you’ll have to do some research to make sure you employ the connectors correctly.

5. Invest In Some Plumbing Repair Tape

Similar to pipe wrapping, plumbing repair tape is a quick fix to patch a leak before your plumber arrives. In this case, the plumbing tape is wrapped around the pipe to create a makeshift seal by melding everything together. This solution will only last a few days though, so make sure you have a plumber around before disaster strikes at the end of this brief period of safety.

6. Implement Repair Sleeves

Similar to pipe clamping due to the amount of strength that’s utilized in this process, repair sleeves are optimal for joint piping. They’re also a good option for smaller leaks, but shouldn’t be left alone for too long as the problem can expand past the point it started out at before you know it.

Temporarily Fix Your Leaky Pipes Courtesy of J. Blanton

The important part to remember is that whenever you discover a leak, patch it as soon as possible! Whatever option you choose out of the ones listed above should do the trick in keeping your plumbing system and your home safe until a professional can come out and permanently remedy the issue. Don’t rely on your quick fix for too long, or it could end up costing you a lot more than the expense to repair or replace your pipes!

If you have any questions about temporarily patching a leak, or already have one that needs attention right now, give J. Blanton a call at (773) 724-9272 now!