You could be taking several measures to protect your plumbing from trouble. However, most homeowners don’t realize that they are in control of their plumbing. They think that their plumbing is infallible or invulnerable. Unfortunately, this isn’t true of any plumbing system. You need to take measures to prevent serious issues, like tree roots, from taking over your McHenry plumbing.

Why are Tree Roots a Threat?

As far as threats to your home go, tree roots are probably at the bottom of your list. And while you don’t need to worry about tree roots breaking into your emergency cash stash, you do need to worry about them getting into your pipes.

Tree roots grow towards the things they need to survive. So, they spread towards sources of water, oxygen, and nutrients. Even if you don’t have a leak in your plumbing, the pipe could release vapor that causes tree roots to grow near it. If the root finds a hole or crack in your plumbing, it will grow into it. Then, the root widens the pipe and causes more trouble. 

After a tree root gets into your pipes, it blocks anything that comes its way. Toilet paper, human waste, and other objects get stuck on the roots. As the blockage becomes impassable, your pipes can burst and leave you with an expensive mess. A sewer drain repair isn’t cheap, and it’s not convenient. Before you end up with no plumbing, take steps to protect your pipes from tree roots.

Ways to Stay Safe from Tree Roots

If you don’t want tree roots to interfere with your plumbing, you need to be proactive and take steps to keep them away. All of the following tips can prevent complications from tree roots:

Be Mindful of Your Planting 

When you do landscaping, consider where you place large trees. Are they near your sewer lines? If so, you can be sure you will have trouble in the future. A small tree might not invade your plumbing, but how big will the tree be in 10 years? For the sake of your financial future, don’t plant trees near your sewer line.

As you consider your landscaping plans, think about the type of trees you will plant. Some trees have more invasive roots than others. If possible, limit your trees to ones that won’t completely take over your yard. 

Tree Removal 

Do you have large trees in your front yard? As much as you love the shade, the trees could do more harm than good. You should consider removing trees that encroach near your plumbing.

Keep in mind that trees grow in different ways. While some trees have sprawling roots, other trees have roots that grow downward. Only remove trees that threaten your plumbing. 

Use a Mechanical Auger

If you already have tree roots in your plumbing, you need a mechanical auger to remove them. The machine has a spiral head that travels through your plumbing system. It cuts away at roots and leaves your puppies free and clear. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t a permanent solution to your troubles. While your effort will remove tree roots, for the time being, the auger won’t kill tree roots. You may need to continue to use an auger to remove roots until you come up with a better, more permanent solution. 

Use Chemicals 

You probation want to kill off the trees in your yard, so how can you save them but destroy invasive roots? If you go to your local garden store, you can find copper sulfate crystals. This chemical kills tree roots without destroying the whole tree.

To use the chemical, pour about ½ cup of it into your toilet. Then, flush your toilet until the crystals are no longer in the bowl. Before you get started, read the instructions and labels on the chemical. You might need to wear gloves or a mask during the application process. 

Once in your plumbing, the chemical works as a poison to the tree roots. The pipe and the soil around your pipes will deter tree roots and keep your plumbing free of blockages. While the chemical isn’t a guaranteed way of keeping the roots away, it increases your chances of success. 

Use Hydrojetting

If you end up with tree roots in your plumbing, there’s not much you can do on your own to address the issue. When you call a plumber, they’ll evaluate the issue and use the best tool for the job.

Depending on the circumstances, hydrojetting could be the best solution. A technician uses a machine to send a stream of pressurized air into your plumbing. Typically, the nozzle has a spiral tip and shoots a forceful spray through your pipes. If there are any tree roots blocking the way, the hydrojetter pushes them out. 

Much like a mechanical auger, the hydrojetter doesn’t prevent tree roots from coming back. It merely removes the roots from your plumbing. If you want to keep roots from returning, you need to take other measures. 

Dig Up Roots

If you already have damage to your plumbing, the only solution may be to dig up your plumbing and the roots. You may need to replace some or all of your plumbing, or you will have a constant leak. 

Before you do anything, you should have a plumber perform a camera inspection. They will send a camera through your pipes and look for tree roots. Then, they can assess the damage and decide if a sewer line replacement is necessary.

Call Us About Your McHenry Plumbing 

If you have concerns about your McHenry plumbing, don’t hesitate to get help. The best way to keep tree roots from affecting your pipes is to work with us at J. Blanton Plumbing. We can inspect your pipes and find out if tree roots are a threat. Then, we can take measures to make sure tree roots never affect your plumbing. 

Don’t wait for the worst to happen. Instead, call us for help. We can prevent serious issues with your plumbing system.