If you’re considering getting a bidet in your bathroom, it’s important to know how to clean it. Unfortunately, many homeowners have trouble cleaning these fixtures, as they are new to using them. Fortunately, cleaning bidets can be as easy as cleaning a toilet bowl. 

This guide will go over how to clean bidet fixtures.

What is a bidet and how does it work?

A bidet is a device that cleans your underside after you’ve finished doing your business in the toilet. Bidets have faucets that spray water, functioning not unlike sinks.

Some bidets are stand-alone, installed separately from toilet bowls, while others are all-in-one toilets with bidet systems that combine functionality. Some units come as attachments affixed to the toilet, with a sprayer and nozzle feature. These are the most popular options in modern homes, as they’re highly portable.

All bidets have buttons or knobs that let you turn on the water supply and adjust water pressure.

How to clean a bidet step by step

Not washing a bidet can cause sediment to build up on the nozzles, causing them to clog. So regularly cleaning them is important to prevent malfunctions due to poor maintenance.

Not every bidet has the same design, but maintenance is relatively similar. Cleaning a bidet can be straightforward with the right cleaning tools. So regardless of the type you use, the process will likely be the same.

Here’s how to properly clean a bidet.

Step 1: Get the right bidet cleaning supplies

When cleaning a bidet, avoid using solvents and cleaners with harsh chemicals, such as acetone. These products are abrasive and can damage your bidet nozzles and seats. 

It’s best to clean your bidet with water and dish soap. You can also buy a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean the nozzle.

Step 2: Clean the bidet bowl

It’s recommended to regularly wipe down your bidet bowl—at least once weekly—using vinegar or a mild household detergent.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the bidet bowl and allow it to air dry. Rinse the cloth after use to ensure it’s clean.

In relation to how to clean bidets, once you’ve cleaned the inside of the bidet bowl, you’ll have to also clean the seat underneath. Simply lift the seat by pulling it up and forward. Alternatively, you can check to see if there’s a button on the side of the seat and press it before pulling up the bidet seat with your hands. 

Then, use mild detergent to clean beneath the seat.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when cleaning the bidet bowl:

  • Use mild detergent and vinegar to clean the ceramic surface of your bidet
  • Keep your cleaning supplies near the bidet, including a cleaning cloth and gloves
  • Consider gentle cleaning materials, such as a soft cleaning cloth or soft-bristled brush

Step 3: Clean the bidet nozzles

If your bidet has self-cleaning nozzles, maintenance and keeping your bidet nozzles clean will likely be easier. Check if your bidet has a “Nozzle Cleaning” knob and twist it to activate the cleaning process.

When thinking about how to clean a bidet, you may ask yourself, “What if my bidet has no self-cleaning nozzles?”. To manually clean a nozzle, eject it for cleaning. Then, dip a soft toothbrush in vinegar solution and brush the nozzle.

Some nozzles are removable, so you can soak them in vinegar for 2 to 3 hours to unclog them. Once clean, you can re-attach it to the bidet and plug the unit back.

If the nozzle tip is unremovable, extend it, then soak it in a Ziploc bag filled with vinegar. Ensure the nozzle is entirely submerged in vinegar and the Ziploc bag is further reinforced with tape.

Step 4: Remove all the tough stains

To remove tough stains from your bidet, consider soaking the bowl opening at the bottom in vinegar and leaving it overnight. Then, remove all the water inside the bowl using an old towel, pour white vinegar into the bowl, and leave it to soak.

For how to properly clean a bidet, for bowl edges that won’t soak in vinegar, dip pieces of paper towels in vinegar, attach them to the stained spots where vinegar can’t reach directly and allow them to sit overnight. Finally, remove all the paper towels and scrub the bowl using a cleaning cloth to remove stains.

Tips for cleaning electric bidets

If you use an electric-powered bidet, you’ll need to be extra careful when cleaning it. First, unplug the bidet seat from its electrical source before attempting to clean it to mitigate the risk of damage and electric shock. When cleaning the nozzle, make sure to plug it back in.

Don’t use harsh chemicals on the bidet seat or nozzles. Instead, use a soft rag and hot water to get the job done. You can also mix the water with vinegar to form a cleaning solution. 

Most electric bidets have self-cleaning nozzles.

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