5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Plumbing Contractor

From hidden expenses to inexperienced professionals, how can you know you’re getting your money’s worth when it comes to your home plumbing services? Before choosing the first company that comes your way, make sure to get the answers to these five questions.

How Experienced Are They?

Naturally, the more jobs a contractor has completed, the more experience they have. Less knowledgeable companies may not stay up-to-date with modern technologies and practices, which means you may not be getting the most efficient or cost-effective products and services.

Are They Licensed & Certified?

Though technicians are not required to be certified, it is best to work with individuals who are formally qualified. While some uncertified technicians provide quality work, it is a safer bet that licensed and certified experts will be more knowledgeable and make fewer mistakes! Additionally, even if the company guarantees that all of its employees are licensed, be sure to check that the certifications are up to date.

What Are Their Estimates?

Though it may be tempting to choose the lowest price, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best deal. An unqualified company may offer a lower price, but your system could break down again shortly after service, costing you more money in the end. While hiring more expensive technicians may be a higher cost up-front, but could result in a longer-lasting system. Compare and contrast estimates from various companies to decide which offers the best service for their price.

What Do Their Reviews Say?

The answer to some of your customer service questions may be just a click away! Reading testimonials and reviews from a company’s website or online directory can be very telling. While it is nearly impossible to provide error-free service each and every time, a plethora of negative reviews may cause you to rethink whether the company is reputable or not.

What Are Their References?

If you have ever applied for a job, you may have been asked to provide a few references to make sure employers in the past approved of your work. Asking a potential plumbing company for their references can provide you the same helpful advice when making a decision.

If you have any questions about choosing the right plumbing company for you, J. Blanton is happy to help! Give us a call at any of our three Chicago area locations and we’ll answer your questions and assure your confidence in our team.