If you haven’t given your drains any attention, it’s time you did. You rely on your drains to keep your plumbing running smoothly, and they need some attention. To prevent a clog from building up, you should learn how to identify signs that your drains need to be cleaned. As soon as you suspect a problem, you need to call a plumber for drain cleaning services.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

All of the following are signs that you may need your drains cleaned by an Evanston plumber:

Your Sink Drains Slowly

Are you tired of waiting for your sink to drain after you brush your teeth or wash your hands? Your slow-draining sinks are more than an annoyance. They’re also a sign that you have a clog somewhere in your plumbing system.

If only one sink is slow to drain, your clog may not be serious. But if multiple fixtures are slow to drain, there’s a major clog. It’s likely that the blockage is somewhere in your sewer line, which is difficult to clear. 

You could try to remove the clog on your own. However, it takes tools and experience to get to a blockage that’s further down the pipes. DIY methods, like drain cleaning chemicals, won’t make a difference. Even a drain snake may not be enough to clear your blockage.

For the best results, you should consult with a plumber. They’ll be able to use tried and tested methods to clear your drains.

Your Fixtures Back Up

If water comes up from your pipes, you have a problem that requires immediate attention. Water should only go down your pipes. When it travels the opposite way, there’s a blockage in your drain. 

Generally, that blockage results in sewage spilling into your sinks, bathtubs, or other fixtures. The sewage is toxic and poses a threat to you and your family. Furthermore, it’s indicative of an issue in your sewer line. To prevent harm, you should contact a plumber immediately.

Acting quickly comes with another benefit. The longer you wait to fix a sewer line clog, the more expensive your repair might be. Eventually, a clog could cause a pipe to burst, which is a costly repair and may result in property damage. When you call a plumber, they can identify the location of the clog and fix it before more damage occurs.

Your Home Smells of Sewage

There aren’t enough candles in the world to eliminate the smell of sewage. The next time you smell sewage in your home, don’t just cover up the smell. The foul odor could be caused by a break in your sewer line. 

If there is a break in the line, toxic gas could escape. Breathing in that gas is hazardous to your health. For your own safety, you should call a professional. They’ll look for gas leaks and can fix your line. Afterward, you can enjoy a safe home that doesn’t smell of sewage.

You Have Moldy Drains

If you find mold anywhere in your home, you have a problem. But mold growth is associated with many issues. One common cause of mold growth near drains is a blocked drain. 

You might not see the mold, but you’ll probably smell it. If you notice a musty odor, there may be mold around. 

Mold needs darkness and moisture to survive. Therefore, a leaky pipe caused by a drain clog could result in mold growth. As soon as you spot mold near your pipes, you should speak with a plumber. They may be able to find a leak that you didn’t know you had. 

Pests are in Your Pipes

A well-sealed home shouldn’t have many pests. But unwanted visitors could be entering your home in an unexpected manner. If you have a crack in your sewer line, insects and rodents could enter your home through your pipes.

When you keep finding bugs or rodents in your sink or kitchen, don’t rush to call the exterminator. Instead, try to find out if there’s a break in your sewer line. Only an experienced plumber can identify openings in your pipes and seal them up.

You Have High Water Bills

While your water bill will fluctuate every month, you shouldn’t notice any drastic changes in your water use. When you do, there could be a problem. There could be a clog or a leak in your pipe, and the only way to lower your bill is to have a plumber repair it.

You might think that all leaks are obvious. However, this isn’t the case. Some plumbing leaks remain hidden. Your only sign of a leak may be your high water bill. To find out if that’s the cause of your rising bills, contact a plumber. They’ll search for leaks and clogs, and then they’ll fix them. By cleaning your drains, you could lower your water bill.

What Can Drain Cleaning Services Do?

Working with a plumber is one of the best ways to maintain your plumbing system and clean your drains. If you have experienced any of the issues above, you should call a reputable plumber.

There are a few ways they may approach the issue. To get a clear view of your plumbing system, your plumber might use a drain snake with a video camera to view your pipes. As the camera goes through your system, it will show problem areas. 

Once a plumber identifies your clogs, they can come up with a way to clear blockages. They might do this by hydrojetting, sewer rodding, or other methods. An experienced plumber will be able to determine the best way to remove your clog without causing damage. 

By cleaning your drains, you can prevent serious issues with your plumbing. As a result, you’ll save money on repairs and keep your plumbing running smoothly. It’s a simple way to keep your home in good shape.

Here at J. Blanton Plumbing, we know the importance of having clean drains. With our drain cleaning services, you can identify and clear blockages. To learn more about our services, call us.