4 Signs Of A Hidden Water Leak

The frigid Chicago winter is uncomfortable enough without plumbing problems interrupting your life. If you spy water dripping from the pipes under your kitchen sink, it’s an easy fix: just call a plumber! But what if the leak lies in a pipe just behind your bedroom wall, or even under your yard? How do you tell when you have a hidden leak?

Pipe under sink is leaking water.

Temperature change causes pipes to expand and contract slightly from year to year. Over time, this seasonal strain could cause a minor or major leak to develop and disrupt your plumbing system. Check out these four signs you may have a hidden leak in your plumbing pipes.

1. Expensive Water Bill

When hosting guests, you may expect your water bill to be a bit higher during the holiday months. However, if you notice a spike in your bill you can’t explain, it could mean that your pipes are to blame! Even a slow leak can have costly consequences and is a significant waste of water. Wait for your next water bill to be sure it isn’t just an anomaly; if your bill is still abnormally high, call a plumber in for leak detection services.


2. Recurring Wet Spots

If you notice an unexplainable wet spot in your home or yard, it could be a sign of a leak in an unexposed pipe. Now, an unexplained spill every now and again is quite common in a typical family household. However; if you find yourself regularly wiping up that same pesky spot, the cause may be more than a clumsy spill in the kitchen!

As for the yard, it can be a bit tough to tell as rain and other precipitation could account for wet spots on the lawn. In this case, keep an eye out for any patches of grass that are more lush than others. The extra water from a leaky pipe under your yard will cause your lawn to flourish in that specific area. Though the grass may not literally be greener on the other side, leaky pipes are no sign of good fortune!

3. Phantom Dripping Sounds

During the holiday season, moments of silence can be few and far between. But if you get a chance, take advantage of a quiet instance and listen for regular dripping sounds. Take a stroll through your home and look for the source of any drips you do hear. You may also want to take a walk around your yard and listen for the sound of dripping water from the exterior walls of your home. If you hear a steady dripping sound, it may be time to have your pipes inspected for any possible leaks or damage.

4. Noticeably Low Water Pressure

Whether you’re trying to take a shower or wash vegetables for a holiday feast, water pressure is imperative for hosting friends and family. If your faucet is dripping instead of flowing, it could mean that you have a serious leak on your hands! Keep in mind more than one water source may be impacted depending on where the leak is located in your pipe. Though there are many causes of unsteady water pressure, it is worth taking a look at your plumbing system to prevent an already existing leak from growing worse!

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